What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a new illness caused by a coronavirus. The virus has triggered a global pandemic, and many of the world’s governments have imposed restrictions on their citizens’ lifestyles to prevent the virus spreading.

The core symptoms of COVID-19 are a new continuous cough, a high temperature or loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. On top of the illness itself, the social restrictions and fear of the virus have triggered a wave of anxiety and other mental health difficulties.

How can I avoid the virus?

It is important we avoid the virus wherever possible, and if we can’t fully avoid it we know how to protect ourselves. Rule number 1 is always follow the latest government guidelines. Guidance is regularly changing at a local and national level. The changes are well described in the media, however you can find out the latest official UK government guidance HERE.

Some simple measures Avante recommends you take to keep yourself safe and well through the pandemic are:

Washing your hands regularly.

Wearing a mask.

Live a healthy lifestyle.

Staying 2 metres away from others.

Avoid crowded places.

And of course we are here for you with professional medical advice when you need it.

What should I do if I develop symptoms?

If you have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus, you should get a test immediately and stay at home together with your family until you have your results. You can visit NHS Covid Website/ to check your symptoms, and if eligible to arrange a PCR test on the NHS you can book via their test sites or a postal home self-test kit.

Alternatively, if you live in our catchment area and would like a professional to test you at home, Avante can visit you to do a private PCR test.

Arranging COVID tests

Avante Health offers 3 main types of tests for COVID: ‘Antigen PCR’, ‘Antibody’, and ‘Rapid’ tests. Please take time to read about the benefits and drawbacks of each before you book a test.

Antibody tests - a blood test which can assess if you have been exposed to the COVID virus in the past.

Antigen PCR tests - a swab taken from your throat and nose that can assess if you currently have COVID-19.

Rapid Tests - a swab is taken from your nose to assess if you currently have COVID-19.

Less accurate than the PCR test, however much quicker (15-30 mins).


As a digital first service, we only see you in person if we see it as important for your care. As well as this we have strict procedures in place to ensure we can consult with you as safely as possible during the pandemic. If you have symptoms, we ensure only the absolute minimum time is spent seeing you face to face (usually just for the examination and/or test) and the rest is done by video or phone. If you are symptom free, our doctors always use PPE to protect you (and them) from any transmission risk. Have another need? Contact us here for more information