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Avante Health Clinics

Avante@Windsor - 47 Alma Road, Windsor

Come and see us at our Flagship Clinic. We know sometimes you just want to see your doctor in person, so we offer direct booking to our flagship clinic at 47 Alma Road, Windsor.

Doctor holding a patient's hand

Avante Health Home Visiting Service

Scheduled Visits

If you cannot reach us at Windsor, but live in our catchment area, we offer scheduled routine visits at competitive prices. Typically we are in your area twice a week. We always recommend you book a virtual appointment first, however if you are sure you would like a visit from us, call us on 03330069610, or fill out our enquiry form below, and we can schedule your visit for you.

Urgent Same Day Visits

We offer an urgent visiting service and will do our best to be with you on the same day you call, 7 days a week. See our pricing page for cost details. Urgent Visits are discounted if you have a plan with us, or decide to take a plan with us after you have been seen.

To book an urgent visit, please call us. However please note this is not for that require 999.

Our Catchment Area

Our catchment area is always growing as we expand our workforce, at this time it is as follows:

Please note our clinics are . If you have COVID symptoms we must consult with you via our virtual clinic first.

Why not try Digital-First?

We believe digital first contact with your doctor is the future, so why not book a remote appointment first?
If we can’t treat you safely without seeing you, we will discuss your options including reduced cost ‘remote appointment referral’ prices for our visits and clinics.

Want to see us urgently?

Call us here to discuss your request. Please see our emergency visit costs on our pricing page.


Please email us and enquire, or feel free to try our remote consultations any time! Click here.